The Story

Coffee Quest makes it easy to find and share your coffee experiences.
Whether you're a tourist in a new city or a local in your town, Coffee Quest will connect you with the city's coffee gems and what others are recommending.

Three key goals are to:
1. To help people find and share great coffee experiences.
2. Increase discoverability for independent cafes.
3. Support the specialty coffee industry.

My Role

Being both the UI/UX Designer for this project, my role was to conduct user research, create user personas, map out user flows, conduct usability testing, design low/mid/high wireframes, design for mobile, tablet and desktop and create a small prototype for the app.

The problem

There are a lot of apps out there that can help you find local businesses (Yelp, Foursquare, etc.). What is Coffee Quest's business goal? What do they want? Why would users pick Coffee Quest overYelp? What is important to them, and what are their core needs?

The Plan

I focused solely on the user and their needs; I designed a product where connecting to the entire coffee community was a must. Finding and sharing new Coffee Shops that are local or in a new town will help users branch out their coffee experiences. Not every coffee drinker has the same taste, so we made sure everything was customizable when finding new coffee gems.

The Discovery

Users would like to favorite Coffee Shops they find and live it its own place. Users love using the filtering option, as it presents just the right amount of options; it is not overwhelming. They love the idea of suggesting a coffee shop, as a lot of coffee drinkers find hidden coffee gems all the time.

The Delivery

Coffee Quest's UI is straightforward, clean, and has a modern look. The layout makes sense, colors, and fonts blend well together. Some key functionalists are: being able to favorite Coffee Shops they find, customize their search by different filtering options, being able to suggest a coffee shop they find. The research that went along this app was beneficial. I received great feedback from users, and they were able to point out what worked well and what didn't work for them.