The Story

Organizing your daily and weekly tasks isn’t easy; with cluttered tasks/todo lists all over your phone, an app is needed to help you organize your tasks better. DONE is designed to not only organize your life better but to keep you on track, so you get more stuff done in your life.

My Role

As the UI Designer, my role was to create the entire user interface of the app and other visuals as well. Everything from creating storyboards, low/mid/high fidelity wireframes, mobile design, layout design, logo creating, and creating the brand’s style guide.

The problem

Everyone has their busy schedule, and they sometimes forget to remind themselves of what is on their schedule, this can cause tasks being incomplete. It is nearly impossible to keep track of every one of your tasks, remember them, and get them done on time.

The Plan

By looking at similar apps, it gives me some inspiration on how-to-do list/task managers operate; what works and what doesn’t work. Point out what their app does well vs. what they don’t do so well. Also, conducting a few user interviews as it will give me a better understanding of how this app will help them solve their problems.

The Discovery

People like to prioritize their tasks based on their needs; they want to achieve goals when they completed a certain amount of tasks per week, and to share them within their contact list.

The Delivery

Done is designed in the minimalist and elegant style of the layout based on quick functionality, easy to use, and excellent organization based on user input. The entire style guide is very intuitive and no overloading with colors and fonts, I kept everything at the minimum, so users have more control with the app. Overall, I am pleased with how everything turned out! Having priorities set on tasks, achieving goals, and sharing tasks are the significant features of this app.