The Story

A redesign messenger app that helps users communicate with each other. Sending messages is the most known form of communication. We are always chatting with one another; whether it's for work or to meet up with one another, we need a way to communicate.

My Role

As a UI Designer, my role was to design the style guide, wireframes, low fidelity mockups, and user interface.

The Problem

There are many different UI for a messaging app, so how am I going to design something that hasn't been created already? I must break a few rules of the same chatting interfaces see on every device.

The Plan

Focusing on user needs and wants, it also essential to make the UI visual pleasing to the user. Designing a unique experience for a messenger app isn't an easy task; as there are many messaging apps out there. Users need to know when they received a message.

The Discovery

Users want a playful UI, so choosing a white, gray, and baby blue color palette only makes sense for this project. Having a notification icon next to their photo is vital for the user to see what messages you missed.

The Delivery

My redesign of a messenger app is friendly, clean, and unique. I designed UI elements that I haven't seen on a messenger app and made it very prominent on the chat bubbles and message thread background. Overall, I am very happy with how everything turned out; I like how the colors and fonts play well together in the UI.