The Story

Smart Living is an IOS and Android app; the purpose of the app is to control all smart devices in your home in just the palm of your hand. Nowadays, there are so many smart devices but enough useful apps to help you control it. Smart Living makes it seamless to control your devices, set scenes, create automations, and able to add any device by scanning it's QR code.

My Role

As a UI Designer, my role was to create the entire user interface for both IOS and Android. IOS and Android both have their own set of guidelines and rules, so paying close attention to their guidelines were very important.

The problem

Although there are dedicated apps (Home, Google Home) to help you control your smart home, they are not well organized and can make you feel sometimes lost. What are the core needs? How will it help the user solve their problem?

The Plan

Understanding different types of users (IOS vs. Android). They both expect certain things to be in specific locations, so understanding the guidelines is very important.

The Discovery

Users need a well-organized app that will help them control their smart home devices better. Having an easy setup to set scenes, add rooms add new smart devices are critical to the user.

The Delivery

Smart Living's UI is unique to the device (IOS vs. Android). It is easy to tell which one is for IOS and which one is for Android. I created the color palette to have a clean look, and the fonts, buttons, and other UI elements match the device.

Key Features:
1. Add smart devices by scanning QR code or via Bluetooth.
2. Control settings
3. Schedule times, routines, and create automations per device.