The Story

Sneakers is an eCommerce store that helps shoe enthusiasts find all types of different shoes from brands around the world. This store is for users who are not stuck to one brand and like to shop the newest and trendiest shoes.

My Role

Being both the UI/UX Designer for this project, my role was to conduct user research, create user personas, map out user flows, design low/mid/high wireframes, and design responsively.

The problem

Creating a unique and user-friendly experience that would help users visually find the product that matches their needs. Is it easy for users to find a specific product? What are users trying to solve? Is the process for purchasing seamless?

The Plan

Most online purchases are through a mobile device, so make sure the mobile view was easy to find products and a fast way to purchase their items. Created user flows to help better understand the steps to buying a product.


The Discovery

Users want to see great photography when visiting an eCommerce store; The Add To Cart/Checkout buttons and price are needed to be prominent. The checkout process needs to be straightforward and always giving the user options to recorrect their purchase.

The Delivery

Sneakers is a modern, simple, and fresh look. The store represents the show community, providing stylish, unique, and trendy shoe products. The layout makes it easy for users to navigate through the site while maintaining a clear conscious of where everything is.