The Story

The importance of TRVL is to enable users to view their flights, add upcoming trips, and to have a boarding pass ready when its time to board.

My Role

As a UI Designer, my role was to design out the style guide, logo creation, design low fidelity wireframes, and design user interface.

The problem

There are different UI for a travel app that does the same thing, so how am I going to design something that hasn't created already? I must do my user research on what users are trying to solve when using a travel app.

The Plan

Focusing on user needs and wants, it also essential to make the Airport the most prominent thing. I've seen on other apps that the Airport initials sometimes aren't standing out enough and causes user frustration.

The Discovery

Users want a consistent layout in the UI, so choosing a block style layout that is a standard throughout the app will make it easy for the user to navigate. Having the Airport initials, duration of their flight, time of departure, and arrival all prominent will give users accessible access information on their trip.

The Delivery

TRVL is a consistent, prominent, and modern design. I designed the UI elements to give the app more travel feel as you use the app. Overall, I am pleased with how everything turned out; I like how the UI elements are playing alongside the text and colors.